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Meet our Leaders

Sarah Tetzlaff is the Principal of Rutland Town School, where she has served since 2012 (formerly  as the Assistant Principal and Co-Principal). As Principal of RTS, Sarah supervises and evaluates teachers and staff, serves as the building-based LEA, manages the school budget, and oversees curriculum instruction, and assessment.

Sarah grew up in Middlebury, VT, attending Middlebury Union High School, the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center and the University of Vermont. After UVM, she worked in the corporate world in Boston, MA, before moving back to VT to teach Family and Consumer Sciences at Mt. Abraham Union Middle and High School and then later at Rutland High School and the Allen Street Campus (K-12). Sarah earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Castleton University and obtained her health and special education endorsements from the Vermont Higher Education Collaborative (VT-HEC).

Sarah lives in Orwell, VT, with her husband and two children. She is an avid horseback rider and enjoys many outdoor activities, gardening, and cooking. She has previously served as a member and clerk of the Orwell Village School Board and currently serves as a Board Member of VT-HEC.

Eric Gross grew up in Barre, Vt, attending Barre Town Elementary School; Spaulding High School; Champlain College, the University of Vermont, and Castleton University before moving to Pennsylvania for a few years. He lives a couple of miles into New York state with his wife and two children, running a horse boarding business and owning a small farm. 

Eric worked various jobs before beginning a career as a police officer in Richmond and Burlington, Vermont. After a decade of service, he and his wife decided their health and family were more important than their positions; she returned to college and entered the nursing field; he returned to school and joined the teaching profession. While intending to teach middle-school English, his first job was teaching high school and college students. A couple of years into the profession, he became a stay-at-home dad to help his daughter through a long sickness. In a community that supported distance learning, he homeschooled his children for a short time before returning to the workforce and moving his family back to Vermont, continuing to teach at the high school and college level.

After earning his second master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Eric joined the GRCSU family in 2021/2022 as the Assistant Principal of Rutland Town School. He believes in investing in personal capacity, helping teachers grow into their best selves so they can in turn support students as they become extraordinary, and social capacity, empowering teams to create high-performing expectations for themselves and students throughout the building.