Slapstick Science

Yesterday at Rutland Town School, “Dr. Quinton Quark” paid a special for all students to enjoy. Using humor and fun, Dr. Quinton’s program taught students the three laws of motion: inertia, force and acceleration, and action and reaction. The first group of students was Kindergarten to fourth grade, and the second presentation was for students grades fifth to eighth.

Through various experiments, with the help from student volunteers and staff, they learned about kinetic and potential energy, simple machines, and even friction. In both presentations, our Assistant Principal, Mr. Gross, was lifted into the air using a pulley system! At the end of each presentation, Dr. Quinton posed a question to the audience based on all the information he had taught them throughout the session; and both audiences solved the problem!

It was certainly a fun, entertaining way to learn about such an important, everyday science topic. You could hear the students laughter and excitement throughout the halls, even as they made their way back to class.

Thank you to the Rutland Town PTO for sponsoring this amazing assembly for the students and thank you “Dr. Quinton Quark” for such an amazing experience! Check out some of the highlights below.

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